Jason W Osborne, Ph.D. and PStat (Accredited Professional Statistician as awarded by the American Statistical Association).

“I worked with leaders at all levels of the university to further graduate and professional education across multiple locations and through online programs as well”

Jason W Osborne

From educational psychology to senior leadership within higher education

After studying Psychology at the University of Rochester, New York, Jason W earned a Master’s degree from the University of Buffalo before securing his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (cognate in Statistics), also at the University of Buffalo.

His faculty career began at the University of Oklahoma as Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology teaching Statistics and Research Methods before moving on to North Carolina State as an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology for the Department of Curriculum and Instructional.

Early years of an illustrious career within Academia

Following his decade at North Carolina State, he moved to Old Dominion University as Associate Professor where he also served as the director of graduate programs, in the department of Educational Foundations and Leadership where he also taught statistics and research methods at the graduate level. 

His first administrative position was as Department Chair and Professor at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.

Jason W Osborne says: “At the University of Louisville, I led a number of initiatives to improve and extend the curriculum and spent time ensuring resources were available in community-based counseling centers for the under-served communities. These centers created unique training and research opportunities for students and faculty, fulfilling UofL’s mission as a highly engaged research university.”

During this time, Jason W Osborne also founded an interdisciplinary educational research and policy center while working with Educational Leadership in order to further support the needs of faculty and mission of the university.

Dean of the Graduate School at Clemson University

Jason W Osborne took on the position of Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School at Clemson University in 2015 as well as Professor of applied statistics at the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.

“I worked with leaders at all levels of the university to further graduate and professional education across multiple locations and through online programs as well,” explains Jason W Osborne. “We also worked closely with the Vice President for Research to expand support for faculty research, scholarship, and artistry.  “

Jason and his leadership team also helped implement many diversity and inclusion efforts, supporting a more positive climate at Clemson University, including Pride Week, Lavender Graduation, Donning of the Kente, and culturally responsive mentoring.

Provost and Executive VP of Academic Affairs at Miami University

Starting in 2019, Jason W Osborne’s position shifted to Provost at Miami University. This represented an opportunity to explore the best ways to be of service to the institution in a time of huge challenges for higher education precipitated by the pandemic.

Jason W Osborne says: “Many years of experience and identification of effective practices for change went into the transformative strategic plan that I led at this time. While the pandemic, of course, necessitated difficult decisions and major changes, our projects to improve the university’s resilience for the future within the world of academics pre-dated COVID-19. We implemented 30 recommendations, completing those highlighted in the 2019 MiamiRISE strategic plan.”

These changes include the establishment of a residential Honors College, elimination of a large structural deficit, better research support for faculty, a thorough examination of all graduate and undergraduate degree programs, implementation of student success infrastructure, investment in DE&I initiatives, investment in our Luxembourg campus, and the successful revision of the core curriculum to better prepare students for successful careers. 

In 2022, Jason moved to work as a Special Assistant to the President where he supported advancement efforts and the development of a Certified Advancement Partner training for the academic faculty, staff and leadership.

Jason W Osborne says: “This position at the university allowed me to continue my work to support students, professorships and academic affair priorities.”

Awards and recognition for leadership and research

In 2022, Jason W Osborne was presented with the Prodesse Quam Conscipi award in recognition of his leadership during the pandemic. The award, named after the university motto, means “to lead without being conspicuous.” 

Other recent awards include being identified as in the Top 2% of researchers nationally and globally, recognition at Clemson for research excellence, and the 2013 Accredited Professional Statistician (PSTAT) from the American Statistical Association.

Outside of his university and professor positions, Jason W Osborne has contributed to projects of interest, including journal, review and article contributions across a diverse range of fields.

A measurement of his scholarly impact, aside from serving as Provost at Miami University and Associate Provost at Clemson University, includes being cited over 36,000 times by scholars around the world. 

Exploratory factor analysis and practical assessment

Here is a list of books written by Jason W Osborne: 

  1. Regression and Linear Modeling: Best practices and modern methods. Thousand Oaks, CA. SAGE Publishing. (2017)
  2. Exploratory Factor Analysis using SAS Best practices and modern methods. Cary, NC. SAS Publishing. (2016)
  3. Best practices in logistic regression. Thousand Oaks, CA SAGE Publishing. (2015)
  4. Best Practices in Exploratory Factor Analysis, Scotts Valley, CA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing. (2014)
  5. Sweating the small stuff: Does data cleaning and testing of assumptions really matter in the 21st century? Lausanne, Switzerland: Frontiers Research Foundation (2013)
  6. Best practices in data cleaning: A complete guide to everything you need to do before and after collecting your data. (2013)
  7. Best practices in quantitative methods. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage publishing (2008).

Examples of article contributions frequently cited by scholars

In terms of publication contributions, Jason W Osborne has served learners, readers and peers within many fields, including psychology, education and evaluation of data and statistics. Jason W Osborne has been cited in publications counted by Google Scholar (link) is over 36,000 reaching academics around the world through his many books and peer-reviewed publications.  Every article is listed here, but the below list should explain the effectiveness of Jason W Osborne’s scholarship and communication skills. 

  1. Best Practices In Exploratory Factor Analysis: Four Recommendations For Getting The Most From Your Analysis (2005) with co-author Anna B. Costello.
  2. Explaining new options for data analysis, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the new procedures in Best Practices In Quantitative Methods (2008)
  3. Four Assumptions Of Multiple Regression That Researchers Should Always Test (2002) with co-author E. Waters.
  4. Summarizing the various potential causes of extreme scores in a data set in The Power Of Outliers (And Why Researchers Should Always Check For Them) (2004) with co-author Amy Overbay. 
  5. Improving Your Data Transformations: Applying The Box-Cox Transformation (2010) 
  6. Sample Size And Subject To Item Ratio In Principal Components Analysis (2004) co-authored with Anna B Costello.
  7. Applying focus on the use of three data transformations most discussed in statistics texts (square root, log, and inverse) for improving the normality of variables outlined in Notes On The Use Of Data Transformations (2002)
  8. Best Practices In Data Cleaning: A Complete Guide To Everything You Need To Do Before And After Collecting Your Data (2013)
  9. Best Practices in Exploratory Factor Analysis (2014). 
  10. Is Inquiry Possible In Light Of Accountability? A Quantitative Comparison Of The Relative Effectiveness Of Guided Inquiry And Verification Laboratory Instruction (2010) along with Margaret R Blanchard, Sherry A Southerland, Victor D Sampson, Leonard A Annetta and Ellen M Granger. 

Thought leadership within higher education for positive change

These contributions in many different fields shows the breadth of Jason W Osborne’s work to reach academics, learners and leaders within medicine, health care, psychology, education and more.

Jason W Osborne now brings this same scholarly thoughtfulness to supporting institutions of higher education, most recently as Provost at Miami University.  The mission of higher education is the changing the world one student and one research study at a time.

From teaching to becoming Dean and then Provost, Jason W Osborne has amassed an enormous amount of experience and business leadership acumen in leading large, complex international organizations. This along with his thorough grounding in education psychology (Ph.D.), has helped him to develop a passion for facilitating real-world progress.

“To perform and to succeed in a world of uncertain challenges requires education leadership to explore different ways of thinking and solving problems,” says Jason W Osborne. “Thought leadership in higher education is important to share best practices and create data-driven rationale for decision making.”

To read thought leadership from Jason W Osborne, head to his blog page.