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Jason W Osborne is a thought leader in higher education. His background in educational psychology, statistics and quantitative methods, along with that gleaned from high-level positions within Academia gives a unique perspective on the real-world data that leaders need to understand.

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Jason W Osborne Miami University helps influence motivation and promotes an applied approach to important concepts.

Thought leader in education, data analysis and statistics

Jason W Osborne believes that effective leaders like Provosts within Higher Education must share best practices and evidence-informed decisions as higher education faces unprecedented challenges from public health, societal expectations, demographic challenges, workforce development needs, and cultural narratives hostile to the centuries-long benefits of higher education.  With his experience at multiple highly ranked institutions, Jason W Osborne is able to provide guidance and support during these uncertain times. 

This website will include blog posts, information and coverage about and from Jason W Osborne himself, utilizing his experience in clear and concise terms.

He has a Ph.D. and PStat (awarded by the American Statistical Association) and takes a practitioner-oriented look and user-friendly approach to educating and leading.  Social justice and learning as an educational psychologist inform Jason W Osborne‘s modern treatise on the challenges facing higher education in the US and around the world.

Educational psychology expertise

In 1990, Jason W Osborne graduated with a Bachelor’s with High Honors in Psychology. Three years later he was awarded a Master’s in Psychology and 1998 his Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Psychology.

As an educational psychologist, Jason W Osborne studied factors related to equitable achievement, including environmental and sociocultural impacts on achievement gaps, persistence, and success in education.  He brings this passion for equity and inclusion to his leadership positions.

Jason w Osborne says: “I’m a purpose-driven leader and a lifelong educator. My goal is to support institutions in executing their mission of changing the world one student and one research study at a time.”

Author, speaker, leader and educator

Jason W Osborne is currently a Professor of Statistics and Special Assistant to the President at Miami University, following three years as Provost for the same institution.

He is also an Accredited Professional Statistician (PSTAT), which he was awarded by the American Statistical Association in 2013.

An author of seven books and more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, the work of Jason W Osborne has been cited more than 36,000 times in scholarly works to date.

Faculty positions and university appointments

Over the years, Jason W Osborne has held faculty positions and appointments at a number of higher education institutions. These include:

  • Associate Professor at Old Dominion University where he was the departmental director of graduate programs.
  • Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at North Carolina State where he worked in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma for Statistics and Research Methods and the Department of Educational Psychology.

Clemson University and the University of Louisville

Following this, Jason joined the University of Louisville as Department Chair. Jason says: “As Chair of Counselling and Human Development as well as interim chair of Health and Sports Sciences, I led efforts to renew the curriculum and developed community-based counseling centers to offer services to under-served communities as well as providing unique graduate training and research opportunities that helped us recruit a more diverse faculty and student body.”

Positions held at Clemson University

Jason’s work at Clemson University, between 2015 and 2019, was as Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School. As well as associate provost, at Clemson University, Jason was a Professor of applied statistics at the School of Mathematical Sciences.

As well as being a practicing statistician at Clemson University, Jason’s educational psychology experience was a valuable tool to help him achieve in other spheres. For example, he focused on growing graduate school and professional education, improved revenue from this sector by more than $10 million per year, and championed diversity and inclusion initiatives such as Pride Week and efforts to support military-connected students.

Leadership and achievements at Miami University

Jason took on the role of Provost and Executive VP for Academic Affairs at Miami University in 2019. This was, of course, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US.  As Provost, Jason implemented a transformative strategic plan to reposition the institution as one prepared for new challenges in higher education with a modern, compelling curriculum, a welcoming environment, and enhanced support for faculty and staff.

Recent awards and recognition

In 2022, he was granted the Prodesse Quam Conscipi Medal by the university in recognition of his work during the pandemic. Other recent awards for Jason include: 

  • In 2021, he was named by Stanford University as one of the top 2% researchers in the world, underlining his commitment to world-class research methods across particular domains, ultimately influencing a generation of students and learners. This award is named after the university’s motto, which can be seen on its seal, and translates to “to accomplish without being conspicuous). 
  • In 2018, Jason received a University Research Award. 
  • In 2016, he was awarded the Presidential Service Award. 
  • In 2013, he received the Accredited Professional Statistician (PSTAT) from the American Statistical Association. 

In 2020, Jason was given FBI Secret Clearance (private sector). 

Author of works on exploratory factor analysis and simple and multiple regression

Best practices in exploring factor analysis - Jason W Osborne Miami University uses matrix algebra and quantitative analysis of an often misunderstood statistical technique.

Jason W Osborne has written seven books covering topics in order to communicate logistic regression and linear modeling, Exploratory factor analysis, best practices and modern research methods, data cleaning, and numerous other topics. 

His specialty is taking a user-friendly approach to the sophisticated mastery of complex topics and sharing evidence-based best practices related to statistics and quantitative methods.

For a full list of Jason’s books, head to the About Jason W Osborne page.

Contributor to more than 100 peer-reviewed publications

Jason W Osborne Miami University - Best Practices in Quantitative Methods Chapter Reviews Important Concepts

Jason W Osborne has authored peer-reviewed publications on a broad range of topics, primarily focused on statistical research methods, as well as statistical research methods applied to education, psychology, health care, instructional technology, and social justice. 

Best Practices In Exploratory Factor Analysis: Four Recommendations For Getting The Most From Your Analysis (2005).
Best Practices In Quantitative Methods (2008).
Four Assumptions Of Multiple Regression That Researchers Should Always Test (2002).
The Power of Outliers (And Why Researchers Should Always Check For Them) (2004).

The full list of 116 peer-reviewed papers and studies can be accessed here.

Researcher’s toolkit: presentations, books and papers

Whether through presentations, as Provost, as a Professor or Statistician, or as a graduate school leader, Jason ensures he uses accessible language targeted at every level of the audience. 

Recent presentations given by Jason include: 

  • An Integrated Approach to Academic Program Evaluation and Management (April 2022).
  • Innovative Pedagogies for a New Century: Developing a Global Citizenry and Workforce through High Impact Practices (Nov 2020). 
  • The Impact of a Public University on the Public Good (2019). 
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: A Dean Dialogue (Aug 2019). 
  • Best practices in supporting inter and transdisciplinary graduate school degree programs (Feb 2018). 

A career that has reached thousands of students and learners

Jason’s career so far, as a statistician and educational psychologist thoroughly grounded in the social sciences and evidence-based research methods has reached many thousands of learners around the world.

Whether as a professor of statistics, a leader in higher education, or as a major force for clarity and coherence during the most challenging days of the pandemic, Jason is at the forefront of thought leadership in the academic domain. You can read his writings and thoughts in his blog here.

To find out more about the details of Jason’s career, head to the About Jason W Osborne page.